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Police Arrest Armed Casino Thief

by Janice Windsor
( September 16 2008 16:4:0 )
Police arrest suspect for a casino robbery on Sunday morning

James P Crandall 34 from Missoula was picked up by police for robbing the One Eyed Jack's casino early Sunday morning. According to the papers filed with the courts he will be charged with felony robbery.

According to witnesses a man wearing sunglasses and an orange bandanna over the rest of his face walked into the casino around 1 in the morning, holding a shotgun. The masked man walked up to the nearest attendant, showed his the shotgun and demanded he hand over his apron that was filled with over $400 dollars. No one was hurt during the incident.

Video from the security cameras showed the robber waving the players away from their machines with the shotgun. He then made the attendant cash out each machine and hand him all the money, while he paced nervously back and forth.
The casinos manager told the police that the thief rode away on a silver bicycle. Shortly after a bulletin went out for police to be on the look for the bike police found the bike, the sunglasses and the shotgun barrel not far from the casino.

The police quickly came up with a suspect and during a quick search of his neighborhood found an orange bandanna, a black cap and a black jacket that matched the items worn by the robber.

Crandall has been in custody since his arrest on Sunday and is being held on $50,000 dollars bail.



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