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Police Chase Car Thief

by Jack Reider
( December 15 2008 18:45:41 )
Australian Police engage in a high speed chase trap thief in the Crown Casino yesterday.

According to an eye witness, four police cars and the police helicopter chasing after a Ford Telstar. At the time they chase was going through the streets of Kensington and was headed in the direction of North Melbourne around 8:45 last night.

The chase ended when the stolen car drove into the underground parking for the Crown Casino at the Whiteman Street entrance. The driver fled the car and went into the casino in an attempt to escape being captured.

Police posted officers at every entrance and exit of the casino and proceeded to do a search of the casino.

The police did confirm that they participated in a 20 minute long car chase and that the police helicopter was involved. The helicopter was used to maintain a visual on the chase car allowing the police to pursue the offender with a bit more caution.

The chase started after police officers called in the cars license plate and they came back as a stolen car that is wanted in connection with several crimes in the area.

The driver ditched the car inside the casinos parking lot after blowing a tire. The driver is suspected to have ran onto the casino. Police are certain that they will be able t5o identify the driver of the car using the casinos security cameras.

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