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NJ School Employees Busted for Illegal gambling and Mob Involvement

by Sharon Gerad
( October 6 2008 15:27:0 )
A school employee with ties to the Mafia and illegal gambling has been allowed to return to work.

The Athletic director of the North Bergin High School and wrestling coach has returned to work after being arrested and charged with being part of an illegal gambling operation run by a well know organized crime family. The accused has been taking part in a pretrial intervention program for over a month according to a spokesman for the school district.

The school has said that the athletics director and coach will not be penalized in anyway from the school.

According to a statement by the district spokesperson since the coach has not plead guilty and made no admission of guilt as far as the school is concerned a mistake has been made and it has nothing to do with his job and does not affect his ability to perform his school duties.

The athletic director Jerry Maietta is a tenured employee who has a supervisor's certificate. He was charged in March with promoting gambling, conspiracy to promote gambling and being in possession of gambling records.

Another employee of a different school in the same district was also charged as being part of the same gambling ring. He has since retired and is scheduled to appear in front of a judge on November 5th.

Several other Hudson County residents were arrested as being part of this gambling ring have had their charges resolved by entering into a pre trial intervention program in August.

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