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Simpson left Las Vegas

by Jack Reider
( December 10 2008 16:1:19 )
O.J. Simpson was moved last night from his holding cell to his new home for the next 9 to 33 years last night.

Yesterday evening O.J. Simpson was moved from Las Vegas to the Indian Springs, High Desert State Prison. Simpson was given a sentence of 9 to 33 years on Friday for his part in stealing football memorabilia from a dealer in a casino hotel room in the Palace Station Casino in 2007

If Simpson has a cell with a window he will learn that Vegas was built in the middle of nowhere as the casino is built in the middle of the desert with absolutely nothing to look at. By some the area has been described as Purgatory.

The Palace station casino is a small out of the way casino that is most likely very happy for the fame they will get from the O.J Simpson case. They are now the most famous casino off the Vegas strip.

Casino employees hope that the fame they have received will help bring tourists into their doors. To locals this casino is just part of the background of their daily lives, like the slot machines in gas stations and supermarkets. Many casinos have been built in the area and they are all hoping they can use this fame to help make their area more popular for casino tourists.


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