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Smart Phones and Online Casinos

by Jack Reider
( November 25 2008 15:30:26 )
If you ever had doubt that mobile gambling would be the next big craze then let me be the first to tell you that you were wrong.

Currently most Cell Phones do not come with online casino games loaded into them and if you wanted to play casino games online from your phone you had to go and download the applications, but that is about to change.

It has recently been released to the press that the Apple iPhone and the soon to be released Blackberry phone will come with a large selection of online casino games for players to choose from.

This is significant to the world on Mobile Gambling because the iPhone and the Blackberry are way ahead of the competition for smart phone technologies. Currently iPhones are the must have device for the 18 to 25 demographic and the Blackberry is the must have device for the on the go business man.

By placing mobile casino games on these two leaders phones it is expected to give a big boost in popularity and legitimacy to the mobile gambling world.

Currently the iPhone is the most popular smart phone on the market, but the new Blackberry Bold and the Blackberry Storm have not yet been released but the buzz is that these phone could knock the iPhone from the top spot in the market, and both of these models will allow users to choose from a plethora of casino games online.

Because of the differences in their programming languages users of iPhone, which is an Apple product and uses Objective-C, and users of the Blackberry which uses Java will not have access to the same games.


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