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Taiwan Cancelled The Prohibition On Gambling In The Small Islands

by Joseph McNamarra
( January 13 2009 13:11:31 )
Taiwan cancelled the prohibition on gambling in the small islands of Matsu, Penghu, and Kinmen thus creating a new path for casino developers to open casinos.

Justin Chou, a lawmaker, based in Taiwan remarked in a telephone interview, “The bill passed its final reading in Taiwan’s legislature, and the government is undecided on the number of licenses to be given, he stated.
Taiwan adheres to the policies of Singapore in permitting casinos to better their tourism in a way to attract gamblers from Macau. The law however necessitates the local government responsible for the outlying islands of Taiwan to perform due verifications and referendums prior to licensing and permitting the operations of the casinos in the islands, per Chou. However, it should be noted that this is true only with Matsu, Penghu and Kinmen and gambling still is prohibited in the main island of Taiwan.

One of the pioneer holiday developers in the region is working out plans to invest more than $300 million in a way to construct a five star 500 room casino resort in Penghu in a way win a casino license.

The directory of the firm is a famous gambling tycoon and he already owns 11 hectares of land on Penghu and he is further planning to bid in the tender for the license at the earliest when Taiwan clarifies about the regulations and related issues. The company is likely to modify its plans in a way to fulfill the conditions and aims in a way to be the first casino licensed in the island.

Taiwan being one of the attractive areas for gaming in Southeast Asia is an attractive target for any resort operator. The operators are silently making out their plans so that they can initiate and procure the license well before other competitors can catch up with them.

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