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2008 World Series of Beer Pong

by Jack Reider
( January 6 2009 9:25:33 )
Once Again Vegas holds the title as the king of cool by sponsoring the World Series of Beer Pong.

Las Vegas has always managed to stay the hot place to go and always manages to reinvent itself to stay so hot, by holding events that come with a hot crowd, and this weekend was a big weekend for fans of drinking games and Beer pong was on the menu.

 The Beer Pong tournament was held at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, and 400 of the best Beer Bong teams from all around the United States come to do drink beer, beer and more beer in hopes of winning the $50,000 prize. There was plenty of beer and the music was cranking and I can tell you that fun was had by all participants and spectators.

Beer Pong is very popular amongst college students, but it is not as popular amongst college administrators. School officials feel these types of games are some of the reasons why binge drinking is very common on college campuses across the country.

"The game of beer pong is not about getting drunk. It is about competition. We play the game more for the thrill of victory and being the best than for getting a buzz," according to Greg Simmons, a Beer Pong Enthusiast and college student.

To qualify for the tournament your Beer Pong team had to win several smaller competitions that were held in bars all over the country. Competitions started out on a weekly basis until the playoffs that were held once a month. The lucky winners of these competitions won a trip to participate in the big event in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

Even though the Flamingo is the casino holding the event several other casinos are trying to get in on their action by having Beer Pong tables available for teams to use for practice games, which obviously was open for spectators to place their bets.




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