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Conference on Mobile Gambling Issues:

The second annual Mobil Gambling Summit was held in January bringing together all the industry leaders to discuss all the issues affecting the industry. Here, we supply our readers with a short summary of the issues and topics about Mobile Gambling discussed there.

When and Where?

The summit was held on the 26th and 27th of January in London, England.

What was Discussed?

The 2 day event was a big success, but what could be expected when you have over 30 speakers from every area involved in mobile gambling. Such as representatives from Cell phone and PDA providers to software developers.

I was expecting 2 days of sales pitches but this was not the case. It was just 2 days of learning of all the obstacles that have been overcome and what still needs to be done, seeing all the new mobile devices that will be coming out soon and learning about the technologies running them.

What was the Theme?

The overall theme of the summit was how to increase revenues, boost market share and deliver big profits. Topics of discussion were:
  • different platforms
  • social responsibility
  • how to navigate the legal minefield in Europe
  • billing and payment systems
  • security
There was also several hours of the day set aside for networking, so you could get to know the others in the industry and make new connection in the industry that can help your business.


All in all going into this not knowing what to expect this really was a very interesting and informative summit.

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