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Cribbage: Fun For All

Cribbage can be a great game that will offer you lots of fun for hours with friends. And it is easy to turn this traditional sportsman's game into a gambling pastime of the future. We would have no trouble, just by creating opportunities for placing wagers between hands and or during the game, much money will change hands when the score of the game is 121 points.

Object of the Game:

The object of cribbage is to be the first player to accumulate 121 points the quickest. This is easily accomplished but may take upwards of an hour to play one whole game.


You score points by pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind, straights, flushes, runs, double runs, triple runs, quadruple runs, and cards that add up to 15. These are all assigned different point values due to the odds of being dealt certain cards in your hand. You can also receive other points in the game, with points for last card and by forcing your opponent to not be able to play a card.

How To Play

Start the game by the dealer dealing 6 cards to himself and his opponent, also called the Pone. He deals them alternately between them. After each player chooses two cards to place inside the Crib which will later be used by the dealer, the dealer cuts the deck and the Pone takes the top card of the cut deck, without showing the dealer or himself the card, and flips it face up on top of the replaced deck. This starter card will later be used to count the points of the hands.

The crib is always the dealers. And it is not necessarily bad to place good cards for yourself in the Crib when it is your Crib.

The game inside the game is played to 31, if having reached 31, then the game is reset to 0 and play continues in the same manner until both players have run out of cards. Example, the Pone leads and plays a 4, the count is now 4 and the dealer plays another 4, at this point the count is 8, but because of the consecutive pair, the dealer receives two points which should be pegged and next it is the Pones turn. In turn, if he plays a third 4 on top to make 12 points in the count, he will also receive 6 points for playing a three of a kind.

The Pone begins and the dealer follows. Points are the same in the game including pairs, and runs, which do not need to be in specific order, as well as three of a kind and 15s but only if it is directly 15 in the count of the game. This continues until each player plays all of his or her cards.

Counting the Hands

The Pone has the first count of the hands. And sometimes this is a real bonus. Now you can use the starter card to count all the cards in your hand, after the points are pegged the dealer then counts both his hand and his Crib

Play will continue with the deal switching to the Pone, who is now the dealer and vice versa. This is the style of the game until the first player to reach 121 points and thereby winning the game.


Once learned, Cribbage is very easy to play, and the most confusing part of the game comes in the beginning when learning to count the points. Afterwards, you will play cribbage like the day you were taught to ride a bike or to swim in the pool. Now finding good cribbage players is tough, and even finding people that want to play is hard, so incorporating a bit of gambling in to the game will help attract your friends to come and play with you.

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