Drinking Games are a Great Way to Party and Socialize at the Same Time

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You may be asking yourselves "why is there a section on drinking games on an online gambling website?" My answer to that is that drinking games are a very fun form of gambling.

Drinking Games

In a drinking game are betting that you can so something better or faster then someone else and the bet is that the looser has to take a drink. This may not be the type of gambling you will find in a casino or in online casinos, but it is gambling. This way you just don't mind when you lose bad, until the next morning.

In this section I will be posting every drinking game known to man and exactly how to play the game, but the best part about a drinking game is that you can change the rules to make the game more fun for everyone involved in the game.

There are many different types of drinking games; some require physical exertion like a relay race between two teams. In this type of game the fun begins once one team become a bit more inebriated then the other team and they start falling about.

The next type involves cards. These games seem to be very popular drinking games. The rules are usually simple the one with the worst hand has to do a shot or chug a beer and usually has to fetch drinks for the other players who did better during the last round.

What makes drinking games so much fun is that you are interacting with people who are usually your friends and gambling on how drunk you can get someone else before you get hammered and before you know it you are drunk, and let's face the facts; getting drunk is the real reason for playing drinking games in the first place.

But it is important to keep in mind that while drinking can be fun once you go to far it is no longer fun, so make sure you drink in moderation and know when to say when. It is also important to insure the safety of your friends that you should have a few sober people at the party to drive anyone home and to make sure nothing bad happens to anyone who gets a little too drunk.

A silly practical joke is one thing, who has not written on a friends face while they are passed out, but taking advantage of someone who is passed out is just wrong and not at all cool

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