GOLO is easy to play and great for many hours of pure enjoyment.

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Terms for Playing GOLO

We have already covered the very easy to learn GOLO, now I have done some more work and compiled a few of the games terms and possibly a variation or two to the game.

Ground Rules


Bottoms maybe played each roll by a player, this is done when a player calls the word Bottoms, when bottoms is called it means that the bottom side of the dice will be used as the score. It is especially used as strategy when a player is rolling unusually high rolls. But beware, like any other game of chance you run the risk of turning the gambit on you.

Out of Bounds

When one of the GOLO die rolls off the designated playing field it is considered out of bounds. The other dice are considered void, and the player re rolls the die and adds a two shot penalty to the score that is on the die that also represents that hole scored. If more than one falls, then the highest number par is scored.


A mulligan happens in GOLO when a die begins to roll of the playing surface but is caught before actually landing out of play. This player receives a mulligan and has the chance to re roll that particular die with no penalty.

Unplayable Lie

During GOLO, when the dice that have been rolled are stacked one on top of the other or have not stopped completely flat on their bottom side, then it is called an unplayable lie. One unplayable lie, is respectable, with no penalty plus a re roll. But a second consecutive unplayable lie will result in a one stroke penalty applied to the next die removed after the re roll.

Players can be disqualified for cheating, or picking up the dice before they can be scored, or for even leaving the game before the end of the round is completed.

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