Klondike is fun to play alone or to bet against your friends!

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Learn How to Play Klondike Solitaire

Learn to play the most famous solitaire game there is, Klondike. It is such and easy game to learn but it can be extremely difficult to win. Read here the rules of how to set up the game, how to play and maybe a tip or two on how to win.

The Object of Klondike:

The object of Klondike is to remove all cards from play by playing them in ascending numerical order from the ace to the king on to their respective suits.

Not much more than a hundred and fifty years old, Klondike is also known by a few other names but none that are too important to the rules. Seeing as how Klondike is a solitaire game, it is not too big of a hit at the casinos, or even the online casinos, but back 100 years ago, people were playing and betting on solitaire even if it was not in what we consider to be a real casino.

The Setup

Shuffle the cards well, then start by laying one card face up on the left hand side, next deal out six more cards face down one next to the other so now you have a row of seven cards with the first card on the left face up.

Repeat the process starting with the second card dealing one card face up and then one more face down on each of the 5 cards remaining. Repeat the process the same way dealing one card face up to the third and 4 more cards face down on the remaining foundations. Repeat all the way until the seventh card.

You will be left with 24 extra cards that will be formed to make a stock.

To Play

You can only move a card to another card if they are in descending order numerically and of opposite colors.

When moving cards and you expose a face down card in a foundation, turn that card over. If you expose an open area after turning over all the face down cards in one foundation, a king and only a king may be placed in this spot.

Once you have set up the layout, before drawing a card from the stock, if you are able to move cards and open cards and finish foundations, I suggest you move and do as much as you can without using the stock.

The remaining cards that you have left will be played in this manner. Turn over the top three and if you have a card that can be played from the hand then play it. The card now exposed after playing the top card is now usable. If you cannot play the card then draw another three cards from the stock.

If you an ace comes into play at any time, then you pull the ace out of play into a position called the home. There are four homes for the four aces and their suits. Drawing aces early in the game is good for removing cards as quick as you can from the board.

The End

Finish the game by playing all the cards from the foundations out of play onto the four aces building the pile from ace to king, when you have accomplished this you have won the game.

This is the game of Klondike, if you think, there is very little room for gambling in this game but between friends you can easily gamble on the outcomes of each game. So be inventive and make some new rules or games for you and your friends.

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