In this basic guide to baseball betting, you can learn how to wager on baseball matches.

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Baseball Betting Guide for Beginners

Baseball betting is different from football betting and basketball betting. You still have to bet on either the favorite or the underdog, but instead of point spreads, the most common type of baseball betting is the money line. Here you can find a simplified guide to baseball betting that will teach you how to bet on baseball.

The money line has the same meaning in baseball betting and in other types of team sports betting. The money line is amount of money you wager to win 100 dollars or the amount of money you win for placing a 100 dollars wager. The favorite team is usually listed with a sign of minus and the underdog with a sign of plus.

Here is a simple example from the world of baseball betting to make things clearer. If the White Sox play against the Blue Jays and the White Sox are the favorite, the sportsbooks money line will be minus 140 on the favorites and plus 120 on the underdog. If you bet on the favorite and they win, you would be paid back your 140 dollars wager and gain a profit of 100 dollars. If you bet 100 dollars on the underdog, you would win a total of 220 dollars, which are a payback of your 100 dollars bet and a profit of 120 dollars.

In baseball betting, like in other sportsbook betting, the sportsbook collects a commission from each winning bet. In baseball money line betting, the sportsbooks make their profits when the favorites lose. Continuing with the same baseball betting example, if the White Sox lose, the sportsbook earns 20 dollars on each bet on the favorite. If the outcome of a certain match is predicted, the sportsbooks usually bend the money line to drive more baseball bettors to bet on the underdog.

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