Baseball betting can be very gratifying when your team wins.

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Bets For Baseball

Baseball and gambling have a somewhat long tradition together and since there are a lot of different variables to this game, I think we can go over a few of the more basic bets and see what you may find to be the most suitable betting plan in baseball.

People have bet on baseball for as long as the game has been around. The infamous Shoeless Joe Jackson and eight other players of the 1919 Chicago White Sox World Series team were all accused of throwing the games of the series to make a few extra thousand dollars apiece. Not condoning this kind of behavior, the White Sox have cleaned the tarnish from their name and are now World Series Champions just in the last two years.

Betting on baseball takes a bit of knowledge and know how of the game. There are so many different kinds of bets and ways that you can bet on baseball. Now depending on when you place your bets if it is the beginning of the season or the middle or the end can change the bet you make and the odds on winning that bet.

Let us go over a few simple bets you can make.

  • Placing a bet before the season begins on one team to win it all is one basic bet. But since there are no statistics available for the current season which has not started yet it makes it much more difficult than placing a bet before the World Series starts between two teams giving you a fifty/fifty of winning.
  • Another baseball bet which is place frequently is which team will be leading the National League and which will be leading the American League at the All Star Break. But generally this bet is place before the season begins as well and is not as difficult as picking the World Series winner.
  • Many gamblers like to also bet on who will hit the most home runs in a season and you can pick individually who you want to win. Now I am not entirely sure of the odds surrounding this bet but I know that it is nearly as big as to who will win the World Series.
  • Aside from these I prefer to place bets on my favorite team. And my team always makes it to the playoffs and they always choke in the first or second round, so personally I like to pick which series they will lose in and what the game count will be. These offer good odds because the type of bet is more specific and harder to win.

I think that between friends there are many other bets that you may not be able to make at a sports book. My friends and I like to bet on all kinds of different things when sitting at the ballpark watching the game. Here are a couple examples that you can play with your friends.

  • Last player off the field each inning. When the teams change sides, we like to place a bet as to which player will be the last to enter the dugout from the field. It is generally and outfielder but sometime a person gets waylaid and does not enter before another player and can change the outcome in a matter of seconds.

  • Will the baseball, during the middle of the inning while changing sides, end up rolling on to the pitchers mound or will it just get close to the edge? This one is fun but there are only 17 or 18 of these bets per game so pay attention.
  • Although these are fun bets, we mostly just put a few dollars on the line which ends up going to buy beer anyways so make these decisions yourself. But my advice is to do a little research in to the teams and their statistics before placing any bets. Baseball is a lot of fun to watch and if you make the right bet you may find yourself winning large amounts of money at the sports book or at the ballpark.

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