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Sports Betting Terminology

We offer you a complete sports betting glossary, with all the basic terminology used in offline and online sportsbooks. Check out the following terms and learn them to improve your gambling knowledge:
  • Action:
    A valid bet or wager. Depending on the sport, the rules for determining whether a bet is action or not vary.
  • All-In Betting:
    There are no refunds for withdrawn or scratched teams and only for canceled events.
  • All Up Betting:
    A single wager placed for the winners of several events.
  • Arbitrage:
    A bettor guarantees a win by backing both sides in a variation in odds.
  • Backed Team:
    A team on which many people have placed bets.
  • Banker:
    The most expected to win in a multiple selection.
  • Bar Price:
    The minimum odds for the selections of the unquoted and bigger price.
  • Beard:
    A person that places bets for another person.
  • Betting Tax:
    Tax on sportsbooks income.
  • Bettor:
    In the US, a person who places bets.
  • Book:
    The collection of odds and bets gathered by the bookmaker.
  • Bookie:
    In the UK, the person or firm that accepts bets.
  • Bookmaker:
    See Bookie.
  • Bridge-Jumper:
    In the US, a bettor who bets on odd-on favorites.
  • Buy Price:
    The higher figure quoted by a sportsbook in Index or Spread betting.
  • Chalk:
    The team favored.
  • Chalk player:
    Aa person who bets on favorites.
  • Circled Game:
    In this game, the maximum bet is limited.
  • Closing Line:
    Final list of points spreads posted before the game starts.
  • Combination Bet:
    A selection of teams or horses to finish first and second.
  • Cover:
    The action of betting the spread by the required points.
  • Dead Hit:
    Equal finish where both win.
  • Dog:
    In the US, the underdog team in a betting proposition.
  • Dog Player:
    In the US, bettors who regularly wager on the underdog team.
  • Dollar Bet:
    A wager of 100 dollars.
  • Double or Doubles:
    Two bets on two different events or two parts of one event.
  • Double or Nothing:
    This type of bet pays off the exact amount of money wagered.
  • Even Money:
    A bet with 1:1 odds.
  • Favorite:
    The team rated by the sportsbook as the most likely to win.
  • Full Cover:
    In a number of selections all the doubles and parlays.
  • Handicap:
    See Spread.
  • Index Betting:
    See Spread betting.
  • In The Red:
    Odds on.
  • Juice:
    Jargon for the sportsbooks commission.
  • Lay a Bet:
    When a sportsbook accepts a bet.
  • Layer:
  • Lines:
    Odds offered to the bettor.
  • Linemaker:
    The person who gathers and sets betting lines.
  • Lock:
    In the US, easy winner.
  • Long Odds:
    Odds higher than 10:1.
  • Money Line:
    The amount wagered to win 100 dollars or won for a wager of 100 dollars. Also called Spread Betting or Action Line.
  • Odds-against:
    When the odds are superior to the evens.
  • Odds-on:
    The amount wagered to win 100 dollars.
  • Off the Board:
    A game on which the sportsbook does not accept action.
  • Over or Under:
    A bet on the final score of two teams being over or under a specific number.
  • Parlay:
    A multiple bet. The bettor bets simultaneously on more than 2 games. You must win all the selections to win.
  • Point Spread:
    To set points to the underdog team to even the odds with the favorite. Also called Handicap.
  • Price:
  • Punter:
    In the UK, bettor.
  • Single Bet:
    A bet on one selection to win. Also called straight-up.
  • Single Stakes About:
    Two bets on two selections.
  • Sportsbook:
    In the US, the person or firm that accepts bets.
  • Spread Betting:
    See Money Line.
  • Totals:
    A bet on the points scored by two teams being over or under a specific number.
  • Trebles:
    A triple bet on 3 events.
  • Underdog Team:
    The one that in a handicap gets a point start.
  • Vigorish:
  • Win Only:
    See Money Line.
  • Wise Guy:
    An expert bettor or handicapper.

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