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Horse Races in the UK:

This UK horseracing guide will provide you full information about visiting horseracing tracks at the UK. If you have never visited a horseracing event before, in this horseracing guide you can find useful information about UK horseracing including the different type of horseracing tracks, transportation to the tracks and more.

Visiting UK horseracing tracks can be an enjoyable as well as profitable experience. Here you can find useful information about horseracing in the UK. There are 59 different horseracing tracks in the UK. Horseracing tracks can be probably found anywhere near you. Some of the horseracing tracks have only flat racing courses while others just jump racing courses.

Thought the tracks are normally located out of town, most of the UK horseracing tracks offer bus services from a nearby train station. Usually there are parking lots at the tracks courses, but during major horseracing events, the traffic can be busy.

UK horseracing tracks are usually divided into three sections: the silver ring, the tattersalls or the grandstand, and the members, also known as the club enclosure. While the entrance to the silver ring and the tattersalls is open to every visitor, in order to enter the members section you would have to buy a day badge. In some tracks, the member section is split into two areas, which one of them is limited only to annual members.
  • The silver ring is usually located far from the finish line, but it enables you to watch the horses before the race. There is not any special dressing code for entering the silver ring. The silver ring courses offer bar facilities and on course bookies.
  • The tattersalls tracks or the grandstands are usually located closer to the finish line. The variety of bars and bookmakers is bigger than in the silver ring. The dressing code is usually smart casual.
  • The members section has a smart dressing code and it sometimes require a jacket and a tie. It provides access to the same facilities available at the Tattersalls, but it is much closer to the finish line. Though the entry fees to the tattersalls course are more expensive than to the silver ring, it is more recommended, since it enables to have a full UK horseracing experience.

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