Find out the Differences and Similarities of Football and Basketball Betting.

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Differences between Football and Basketball Betting

Many people believe that as the football season ends, the betting season ends too. As for me, I believe that basketball is even a better game to bet on. It is easier to predict an outcome of a basketball game and is more profitable for the bettor as a result.

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Football and basketball are the largest betting sports in the US. These two games together form two thirds of the annual betting handle, with all other sports, including baseball, hockey, boxing, golf, car racing etc. making up only one third. The main reasons for this is an easy betting structure for these games and great college programs that allow bettors to get a better insight of the game.

Football and basketball college programs provide almost all professional leagues players. In comparison, baseball and hockey college programs only produce amateur players. Football and basketball college programs are quite interesting themselves. These are highly competitive leagues, widely televised and popular for wagering. Betting on college basketball forms about half of total betting on the game. The situation in football is nearly equal. However, the most important aspect of the college programs is the fact that we can watch and know players before they become professional stars, like Michael Jordan and Peyton Manning who were college players before entering the professional sport.

Football and basketball are easy to bet on. Betting on these sports is done using point spread and totals. It is easy for bettors and easy for bookmakers. The latter receive their 10 percent vigorish, which is already built-in in the betting system, does not involve any risk and does not require complicated calculations. Games like baseball hockey and others rely on monylines, runlines, pucklines and similar things that confuse novice bettors and reduce the total handle of these sports. The differences between the betting structures are caused by the differences between the games. Football and Basketball simply produce much more score points than all other games and therefore make spread betting possible.

Differences Between Betting:

However, there are differences between betting on football and betting on basketball. Football games are most likely decided by three or seven points. These two key numbers create a certain risk for the house and must be treated specially by bookmakers. There is no such thing in basketball. Any result with a step of 1 point is possible and any spread is possible, which makes basketball easier for both bookmakers and bettors.

The structures of the sports themselves are also different. In football, things like kickoffs and fumbles involve the element of luck and make the game less predictable. In basketball, such things do not happen. There neither is the whether factor, and injuries happen much more rarely. Besides, in a football team there are about 50 players in a professional game and about 100 in a college game, and only 30 of them will play for long enough to influence the outcome. In basketball, there are only 15 players in a team and 7 of them play. This makes keeping track of basketball players much easier than of footballers. In an average NFL game there are about 8 scoring plays, while in an NBA game, this number is about 100, which means that each play is less crucial, and therefore the game depends on skills much more than on the luck factor.

So while betting structures of football and basketball are almost identical, basketball is a more predictable game and easier to handicap. If you think that basketball has too many games to keep track of, you can always choose only some of the teams, only watch their games and bet only on them, which will reduce the number of games to watch to no more than 10-15 games a week.

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