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What Do our Surveys Examine?

Welcome! Gambling-Portal is proud to offer you its compilation of online surveys. The result of each survey is compiled from a mathematical equation that takes into account relevant factors such as traffic generated, answers to online questions, forum posts and traffic within an online casino. We hope these surveys prove useful.
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List of Surveys:

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How Do We Use Traffic?

One of the easiest ways and the most effective method of learning about user trends of online players is by mapping out their clicks. By doing this, we get the exact mathematical ratios that show us exactly what the user and/or player prefers. It is important to note that we don't keep personal information at all, but rather like google, we just add the number of clicks to our survey counter.

How Do We Use Forums?

Another reliable option is to use the forums (without informing them that we are going to do that) to find out what people complain about. Accordingly, we can decipher that if we find a lot of complaints of certain software it means two things. The first is that many people did use the software at least once and the second is that it's likely that they will not use it again.

How We Analyze Direct Answers?

Another method of collecting data relevant to gambling is by asking the players what they think on the relevant subject. We make sure not to count someone who votes twice by only allowing the same IP to vote once for every question. In addition, we also take into consideration that if the results might favor a certain company, these can be tampered with and hence, lessen the importance of these answers.


We also use additional methods and features when relevant according to the particular question we are examining, and anything else that we believe will enhance the end result. We guarantee that the results we submit and post are accurate and hope you benefit from them.

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