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The Origins of the Game of Bingo:

The bingo game has a large number of enthusiastic fans. Still, not everyone is familiar with the game history and origins. Here you can read about bingo history, origins and developments.

Bingo history goes back to 1530 Italy. The game was a type of lottery used to play each Saturday. In the late 1770, the game appeared in France and became popular amongst the high society. A similar version of the game was played in the 19th century Germany, where it was an educational game, which its purpose was to teach young students spelling, mathematics and history.

This early version of the bingo game appeared in the United States in 1929. The game was called beano, and it used to play in country fairs around Atlanta, Georgia. In the game, a dealer used to choose discs marked with numbers from a cigar box and the player would mark the numbers on their cards with beans. A player who won used to shout beano.

The name bingo first appeared in 1929 when a toy salesperson from New York adopted the name after hearing someone mistakenly shouting bingo instead of beano. In the next evolution in the bingo history, Carl Leffler, a math professor from Columbia University developed around 6,000 different combinations of bingo cards. According to bingo history rumors, after the bingo cards were developed, Leffler went insane.

The popularity of the bingo game increased after a Catholic priest from Pennsylvania started using it as a way to raise church funds. According to bingo history reports, by 1934 around 10,000 bingo games took place every week. Nowadays, only in the United States, an amount of at least 90 million dollars is spent weekly on bingo games.

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