Learn how to play baccarat Chemin de Fer. The basic system of playing Chemin de Fer is explained here.

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What is Baccarat Chemin de Fer?

Chemin de Fer is French for railway and when speaking of baccarat, they are referring to one of the three variations of this game. The three variations of baccarat are:
  1. Punto Banco
  2. Baccarat Banque
  3. Baccarat Chemin de Fer

How to Play Chemin de Fer?

Unlike Punto Banco where winning or losing lies only on the luck of the cards, in Chemin de Fer (as well as in Baccarat Banque or as it is commonly called A Deux Tableux) the outcome lies also in your hand because you are faced with decisions as you play that can change the game's outcome.


Because seating can decide the result of many a baccarat game, it is customary to cast lots. Generally, the person who comes out first will take the chair to the right of the croupier (he will become the banker and the rest will be punters), and the rest take the next seat according to the order of the lot number they pulled out.

The Cards

To play Chemin de Fer, you have to use six packs of cards. Note that you must pick packs that have an identical pattern or else players will start to cheat and tempers will rise. Before you start playing place a basket or tray or some kind of vessel into which the baccarat players can throw the used cards.

Shuffle them and then Shuffle them Again

Before commencing, shuffle all the six packs together. Take your time so as to prevent unfairness. Then, hand them all to the croupier, who will shuffle them and pass it on to the player next to him. Each player gets the chance to shuffle, but they can pass if they wish. Then, when the cards return to the croupier, they will shuffle them once again and offer the player seated to his right the chance to cut the cards. This is necessary to uphold neutrality.

Who Starts?

The banker makes the first move. He places a wager and the punters (the rest of the players) can decide to either bet with him or against him. Then, the banker deals each player two cards and places them facing the table. The Punter who has placed the highest amount down plays against the banker. If his cards amount to nine or eight, he reveals the cards and announces it. If the banker has better cards, they take the stakes. If not, the banker's pays each punter the amount he betted.

If neither has a nine or an eight, then the banker offers an additional card. If the punter's card amount to either ten or twenty then he replies yes. If the cards amount to seven or six then he must refuse. (If you don't, the other punters are eligible to force you to cover their losses with your cash!) The additional card is placed face up on the baccarat table. Then, the banker decides whether to take an extra card or not.

What Happens if the Cards Are Equal?

Nothing. The wagers are kept down on the table and another round is started. Whosoever wins that round will get the prize money of both the rounds.

When Does the Banker Switch

As long as the banker wins, he retains his position. But, if the banker loses then the player next in line gets the chance to become the banker.

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