Learn the Game of Consecutive Guts and Its Variation:

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Consecutive Guts

Consecutive guts is a card game based on guts poker but with alternative rules. Unlike basic guts poker, in consecutive guts, five cards are dealt to each player. The players then declare in or out like in the basic version. In the end, the players who declare in, must combine the best three card hand out of the five cards they hold.

The most important feature of consecutive guts is the ability to use two consecutive cards as one wild card. For example, if a player has a five card hand like this: 2, 5, 6, Q, Q, he can combine a three card hand that consists of two queens and 5 and 6 (which are consecutive cards) forming a wild card and making the hand be three of a kind.

Unlike Monte Carlo, where three card flush and three card straight are legal poker hands, in consecutive guts, high card, one pair and three of a kind are the only three possible hands.

Alternating Guts

As in Consecutive Guts, each player receives five cards, declares in or out, and combines the best three card hand, if he declared in. Like in consecutive guts, players can use two cards from their five card hand to make one wild card in their three card hand, but this time these two cards must have a one card gap between each other to form a wild card. For example, a five card hand 3, 5, 7, K, K should be used as a three card hand 5, 7, K, K where 5 and 7 form a single wild card and concert the hand into a three of a kind, which as well as in consecutive guts, is the best possible hand.

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