Mini-Baccarat is the most popular version of baccarat. Read about it, learn it and start playing mini baccarat at various online casinos!

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Mini Baccarat: the Game for Online Gamers

Mini baccarat tactics and playing lessons are given here. Learn how it differs from the regular table baccarat, and also get advanced baccarat playing tactics for playing mini-baccarat.

What is Mini-Baccarat: Explanation of the Game

Mini-baccarat is very similar to the regular baccarat except that the table used is generally much smaller and that you use only one deck. In addition, the dealer who begins the game continues until the end making this version much faster than baccarat. As a general rule, even the amount of money wagered at mini baccarat is lower than at regular baccarat.

Where Can you Play Mini Baccarat?

If you drop in to any brick and mortar (regular/land) casino either at a location nearby or drop into one in one of the countries you are touring, and then enter the gaming hall in the casino and ask for baccarat, they will point you to the mini-baccarat table. In other words, you cannot play baccarat at a casino. Except for the casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, no other casino hall provides regular baccarat tables.

The Mini-Baccarat Table:

This table, as I mentioned before, is smaller, can seat seven players at a time and resembles more a blackjack table than one used for playing baccarat. If you look at it you will notice it is divided into the following sections:
  1. The area where the chip stacks are placed.
  2. The place where all the tie bets are kept.
  3. The banker's wagering section.
  4. The section where each player lays down his or her bet.
  5. The Shoe
In addition to these wagering sections, by laying down your bet into the appropriate section, you are telling the players on whom you are betting. How?
  • If you place your cash into the read circle in front, this means you have decided to place your wager on the player who is playing against the bank.
  • If you place your bet inside the yellow circle, this signals to everyone that you are wagering on the bank.
  • If instead, you place your cash or your chips on the white colour number (located a bit above the yellowish circle) this means that you have decided to place your money on the odds that the game will result in a tie.

Mini Baccarat Important Note:

Remember that the key difference between baccarat and mini baccarat is that while at baccarat the shoe passes among the players, at mini-baccarat the dealer is the banker, always. Another important thing to note is that at mini baccarat you as the player is not allowed to touch the card, never.

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