Learn not only how to play rummy online or at home, but grasp advanced ideas that will help you win more easily.

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Rummy: the Game of the Century

Welcome to the Rummy section of game guides, rules, regulations and posting of advanced tips for gaining an edge when playing Rummy. Internet games have started to boom up, but you can use the strategy explained to win no matter where you decide to play.

What is Rummy?

Proclaimed by RummyRoyal as the third most popular game in the world, rummy is played all over the world. Rummy is in fact a blanket term used to describe games such as gin rummy, canista, Mah Jong and even the ancient Mexican game called Conquian.

Popular Versions of Rummy

As I explained above, there is no one game that goes by the name of Rummy. Though it is true that when most people refer to Rummy they actually mean Gin Rummy, there are many other popular versions and variations being played. Some of the more popular ones are:
  • Gin Rummy
  • Michigan Rummy
  • Oklahoma Rummy
  • Kaluki
  • Rummy 500
  • Shanghai Rummy

How to Play Rummy:

  1. Deal the cards, eleven to each player.
  2. Place all the remaining cards face-down in a heap.
  3. Reveal the last card. This will be the joker. (Only if you wish to play with a joker.)
  4. Reveal the first card. This will be the card that the person who has to play first can pick up. If it is the first hand, pick a player who will start. If not, the player who won the previous round gets the privilege to begin.
  5. The first player can either keep the card revealed or pick up another one from the unrevealed heap. Then, this player must open one card and place it facing up on the opened card.
  6. Each following person can either pick up the top card from the deck or the revealed card.

Object of the Game:

Each person has to try and create sequences with all his cards. Once this is done, they must declare it and place it facing down on the table. If his sequences match (At least one must be a running down sequence such as ten-nine-eight or king-queen-jack.), this player has won.

Tips to Winning:

Here are some of the basic things you should do or not do to gain an edge when playing rummy:
  1. Never try and opt for more than a sequence for too long. As soon as you have managed to amass at least one three-card sequence, try and reach for the identical number sequences instead of the running number sequence. By this I mean that you should refrain from the sequences such as two-three-four and instead for the sequences such as three-three-three.
  2. Try and hand away the high cards and keep the low ones because once the winner is announced, the points are tallied according to their numerical value.
  3. Watch what cards others are picking up. If they take a card you are waiting for, drop that sequence but carefully since you know that they want your cards.

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