Here you can learn how to play scratch cards including how to claim your prizes.

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Play Scratch Card Games:

Welcome to an online guide to playing scratch cards online! Here, you will not only be offered a select few online locations for playing scratch cards, but you will also be able to learn how and when its best to play.

What are Scratch Cards?

Scratch cards are a popular alternative to lottery games and are the easiest and cheapest chance games you can play. All you have to do is scratch off the top layer of the card and you can already tell if you have won the prize. Here you can find a guide to scratch card games including information on how to claim prizes from playing scratch cards.

How to Play?

Playing scratch cards is very simple and requires no skill or talent. Scratch cards can be purchased in any newsagent or supermarket licensed by the National Lottery or at one of the online sites listed here and elsewhere. After buying the card, you scratch off the top layer of the card using your fingernail or a coin. If you are playing online, you click on the spots that you would generally rub off and they are revealed. Your goal is to have three matching symbols or words in the scratched off layer of the card.

Why Play Scratch Cards Online?

Instead of going out and buying a card, you can do this all online in three single clicks. Playing scratch cards online is not only quick and efficient, but the prizes are sometimes higher than or as high as those offered by the local, regional and national lotteries.

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