Casinos Use Psychology to Keep you in the Casino and Spending Money

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Casinos use psychology to determine where to put the looser slot machines and where to put the tight ones. Here is a brief explanation of where to find the best paying slots in any casino.

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Finding the Loose Slots

Many people think that the slot machines have controls that tell them when to pay out and when not to pay out. This is not true, the truth is that some machines are very tight and do not pay out often and some are loose and will usually have more small payouts. This is a natural phenomenon that just happens in the slot machines.

How often and how much the slot machines pay out is recorded in the machine and the casino gets a daily report. Then they take these machines and place them strategically around the casino to lure you to the casinos money makers, the table games and high stakes slot machines.

Casino Entrances and Exits:
This is where they will put the tightest machines in the entire casino, the progressive slots. A progressive slot can have a jackpot in the tens of millions of dollars. They will also put some low paying loose machines. This is so anyone looking into the casino will see machines with huge jackpots, and they will hear the bells from the other machines marking winners. This makes the mind think that you can win that money, and you will enter and spend your money. If you are trying to leave the casino chances are you are down some money and you will see the progressive slot machines and decide to take that last chance before you go.

Table Game Area:
If you are close to the table games you are not going to win any money playing the slot machines. Sure you may a small bit every now and again but you are not going to get a decent jackpot in this area. The casinos make several times more at the casinos gamming area then they do from the slots, and they do not want the high rollers disturbed by the sounds from the slot machines, so in this area they put the tightest machines.

Snack Bars:
Casinos often put the lose slot machines in this area to get the people to eat quickly and get back to gambling. The logic is that you will eat faster while you are watching people winning money.

Using this guide you will find yourself winning more at the slot machines.

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