Play online backgammon! Learn it easily! Practice backgammon online and have an easy time learning the basic rules and tricks of this fantastic game!

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Backgammon: Learn, Play, Enjoy and Win

Thanks for entering this backgammon playing archive. What will you be able to do here? Learn how to play backgammon. We describe the most important rules, tips and strategies that you will need when playing online backgammon.

What is Backgammon?

Backgammon is described in articles, books, casinos and internet in such a hard way that people give up reading the instructions and lose the point of playing. (If you were wondering what is the point of playing backgammon? It is to enjoy and win.)

But, in simple terms, backgammon is a game played with dice where you play against and try and defeat one player sitting opposite you. The object of playing online backgammon is just as that of the regular backgammon: you have to move all your coins out of your side of the board.

Backgammon for Beginners:

If you are a beginner ready for action then let's make a small review of the backgammon game; it can't be easier to describe how to play the game: 2 players, 15 checkers per player, 1 board, 2 dices.

To make it even easier backgammon is played like this: The 2 players have to move their checkers around the board and take them out of it.

The Backgammon Board

To get an idea of how the backgammon board looks like I will describe it. There are 12 long triangles (which means 24, because there are 12 in each side) called points on each side where the player sits. These are numbered from 1 to 24. This is the boring part in which you are supposed to know where each one of the checkers is placed but do not worry. You will get it in the first game while playing with someone that knows.

Hot Tip for Playing Backgammon Online

While playing online backgammon, do not adopt a predicted way of playing because then it will be very easy for your opponent to win and also boring to see you doing the same stuff all the time. So, explore different ways to move your checkers and do your best. But, and I cannot stress this enough. Play to Enjoy!
Play online backgammon: for beginners and experts to learn, play, enjoy and win. Practice backgammon online, play matches and get to be the winner.

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