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Set of Bingo Rules

Today, bingo is not only played in halls but also on the Internet. Rules, bingo variations and payouts depend very much on the place you play. However, there are some common rules to all bingo games. You buy cards with numbers in a 5 x 5 grid, which correspond to the number of letters of the word Bingo. American Bingo includes 75 numbers, whereas British and Australian have 90. Players have to complete a bingo pattern, which can be a line (five numbers in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal row on their cards, or bingo (all the numbers on the card).

Bingo cards contain 25 spaces, 24 of them are numbered and 1 is blank. Numbers are randomly assigned and arranged in 5 columns of 5 numbers. There are 5 columns in total. Column B includes numbers from 1 to 15. Column I, from 16 to 30, Column N, from 31 to 45, Column G, from 46 to 60, and Column O, from 61 to 75. Players can choose their cards.

In bingo games, there are different types of books. A multiple book includes 6 single books. Apart from books, there are single sheets of bingo cards, which include 6 sections, which are called Flyers. Flyers are usually more expensive but also more lucrative.

Number calling is the way numbers are announced by the Caller in bingo halls. Players have to mark the numbers they hear on their cards, if they have them. Number calling goes on until one or more players shout Bingo. Then the game ends and numbers have to be verified. Once prizes are awarded a new bingo game with new cards begins.

Apart from the differences between American and British bingo, there are a number of bingo variations such as Six Pack, Letter X or Coverall Bingo which are very popular in Las Vegas. Progressive bingos have also become very popular due to their big prizes.

Online bingo works in a very similar way. Players are given 3 or 4 cards in most games. The caller is a display boards where numbers and patterns appear. You can mark your numbers or sometimes they are automatically marked.

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