Learn some of the supersititous factors that have evolved out of playing bingo!

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Wide-Spread Bingo Superstitions:

Many of the regular bingo players practice some kind of pre game ritual, carry a lucky charm, or believe in other bingo superstitions. Here you can read about some of the common bingo superstitions amongst bingo fans.

Anyone who ever visited a bingo hall probably noticed the players bingo superstitions and rituals. The bingo game is considered one of the most superstitious games. The bingo players usually trust their lucky charm, lucky seat, lucky pen and lucky bingo numbers.

For the regular bingo fans, their weekly bingo evening is an important part of their daily lives. In that special bingo evening, the bingo players will wear his lucky clothes and sit at their lucky bingo seat. The lucky bingo seat is one of the most common bingo superstitions and a veteran bingo player will never replace it.

Most of the bingo players will also have a lucky pen. According to one of the bingo superstitions, if the lucky pen accidentally falls off the table during the game, it has to be replaced with a different pen. Most of the bingo players lucky pens are blue.

The bingo players superstitions include references to lucky and unlucky numbers. While there are different people have different lucky bingo numbers, there is a consensus about the most unlucky number, 13.

Many of the bingo fans carry lucky charms to their weekly bingo game. There is an endless variety of lucky charms including family photos, teddy bears, gems, horseshoes and more. Other bingo superstitions include different kinds of ritual such as walking 3 times around the bingo seat before the game starts, asking the caller to touch their bingo ticket and more.

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