Enter and begin to enjoy live blackjack tournaments: they are fun, easy and simple to learn.

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Why Enter and Play at Blackjack Tournaments?

Participating in blackjack tournaments can add some excitement to the usual blackjack playing. It enables you to compete against other players instead of competing against the casino dealer and, of course, to win big prizes. Here you can find a guide to blackjack tournaments including different types, rules and strategy.

Blackjack tournaments in land based casinos are less common than slots tournaments, for example. Still, many Las Vegas casinos hold daily and weekly blackjack tournaments. Some of the casinos require a small entry fee to the daily tournaments, while in others the participation is free.

The top casinos hold big blackjack tournaments events, which usually take place as a reward for loyal players. Those tournaments are open only to the loyalty club members, and they usually last few days. The blackjack tournaments rules, minimum and maximum bets, the numbers of rounds and entry fees can vary from one casino to another.

There are two basic types of blackjack tournaments. The player either has to compete against the players at his table or against all the other players. The first type, when the contest is against the players at one table is the most popular type of tournament.

The blackjack strategy in a tournament has to be different from the regular game strategy. The players object in a blackjack tournament is to move on to the next round. The most recommended strategy is to place the minimum bets for the first hands, it enables the players to move on to the next rounds with a sufficient amount of chips.

In blackjack tournaments, as opposed to the regular blackjack games, the player is competing against the other players and not against the casino. Most of the blackjack tournament players make different decisions during the game than the decision they would make in live game.

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