Here you can learn how to play by the rules of the poker game Omaha High Low.

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The Rules of Omaha High/Low

Playing Omaha stud poker is only slightly different than playing Texas hold'em or any other stud poker, but even so, this version has become very popular. Below, you will be able to not only find out how to play this poker version, but you will also be able to read some practical tips that will help you win when playing Omaha High or Low either at a regular casino or at one online.

The game of Omaha Hi Lo is a very popular version of poker. It is a community poker game like Texas Hold Em, where the pot is divided between the players with the best high and low poker hands. You will read here a guide on how to play Omaha Hi Lo. This information is pertinent to the rules of Omaha Hi Lo as well as Omaha Hi Lo at online casinos and playing in real live tournaments.

In Omaha Hi Lo the game, each player is dealt face down four cards plus an additional five cards face up in the middle of the table, also know as the community cards. The players will use two of their four hole cards and three community cards to create the best possible high or low five card hand.

In order to win at least half of the pot, the low hand has to contain 5 cards with face values of less than 8. Ace in Hi Lo is low. A winning low hand can also contain straights and or flushes, but pairs do not count. Then the lowest hand would be A2345, and the highest qualifying low hand in 45678.

Omaha Hi Lo is played like regular Omaha is played. It contains four different betting rounds and if it is a limit poker game, then the betting amount must match the minimum bet in the first two betting rounds, and then must be the maximum bet in the last two betting rounds. If the first round the bets are 3 dollars in the first two rounds, then in the last two betting rounds your wagers will be at least 6 dollars.

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