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Learn Backgammon Easily!

Read up on how to play backgammon. Get detailed strategic information on how to use certain dice rolls to your advantage and how to play to win. This game is one of the most popular games in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, and once you learn it you will also get hooked. If you already know why, and are just looking for a place to play backgammon online, try one of the following sites:

How is Backgammon Played?

Backgammon is a simple game but to play it you need the following items:
  • A backgammon board
  • Fifteen white and fifteen black checkers
  • A pair of two regular dice.
This is a game that only two can play (unless you want to pair up, but even then it is like only two players are playing.)

Who Starts?

If it is the first game between the two players, then this is something that has to be decided by the roll of the dice. Each player picks up one dice and rolls it. Whoever gets the highest number begins. If the numbers match, the players pick up the dice and throw it again.

If the game is not the first game between the two players, then the chance to begin first automatically goes to whoever won the previous game.

How Do You Move the Checkers?

Remember that each player selects one colour and the movement of one player is contradictory to the other since each player's house is opposite to the other's. A house is where you have to try to get all your checkers in and it is generally the left or right part of the board facing you. Note that the houses face each other and are not diagonal to each other.
  1. When the first player rolls his dice, he then picks on or two (or more if he has received a double such as six-six, four-four) checkers and moves them towards his home base. He can only move to a space that is either open, occupied by at least one of his other checkers or by only one of his opponent's checkers. If he lands on his opponent's checkers, he displaces it out of the game. (The opponent then has to first get his displaced checker back in the game before moving any other checker.)
That is it!
The basic movement of backgammon is so simple! It is a battle of wits, strategy and luck, and you have to try and get all your checkers to home base so that you can then move them off the board before your opponent does the same.


Backgammon is easier if played so go online to one of the sites mentioned here such as Play65 or Gammon Empire and learn the game. Then, if you wish to compete against other players like yourself through the internet, please do so.

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