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What is Poker?

This one is for all you poker fans, who enjoy the game, can not get enough of it, and want to learn some more about it.

The poker family is a nice, interesting bunch and they all have the same basics, which I assume you know so I want go on about it. It is a big happy family, they are extremely friendly, and I just know they would love to meet you too.

Meet the Close Relatives of Poker:

7 Card Stud:
Each player gets two cards faced down and another card up, then they place there bets. After that another card is dealt faced up, and so it goes turning cards and betting, until there are four cards facing up.

In the final round, one last face down card is deal to each player, and a final round of betting proceeds. The winner is the Player with the highest hand out of all 7 cards. The ranking of the hand is much like regular poker with the exception of allowing wild cards and five of a kind.

5 Card Stud:
This game is very much like 7 card stud only with 5 cards.

This card game is also very similar to 7 card stud, only that half the pot goes to the player with the strongest hand, and the other half goes to the player with the highest spade in the hole (face down). If none of the players has a spade in the hole, the whole pot goes to the strongest hand.

Low Ball:
This one is just like a regular poker only your goal is to form the worst hand possible. The rank of the hands is the same as standard version of poker except that the lowest hand wins.

A Distant Relative

Indian Poker:
This one is less a casino game and more of a party game. Each player is dealt with one card and one card only, and places it on his forehead. From that point on, the betting begins while the players can see everyone cards but their own. The highest card wins the pot. As for the pot, it changes from one game to the other. The most common pot at this game is beer.

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