Stud poker is a great game for the inexperience and veteran alike.

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Stud Poker Fun For All

Stud poker has been played for a very long time, and has a strong tradition in the US. Originally a variation of poker where it was a five card poker game; stud poker gained popularity in the wild west and continues today all over the world in back room poker room as well as in the high roller poker tables in the most exclusive tables in Vegas.


  • Texas Holdem
  • Caribbean Stud
There are so many different variations of poker and then again of stud poker but essentially it is based upon the same rules. Using the standard rulings of poker hands and rules, Stud poker just has a few differences as to exactly how the game is played. Some games are high cards, and some games are low cards, meaning lowest card wins, and vice versa, highest card winning. This can be a bit confusing without the rules, but it is also a great and interesting alternative to regular 5 or 7 card stud.

How to Play Stud Poker:

Stud Poker generally works like this:
The game can be played between 3 and 10 players. Each player being dealt and initial one card down and one up or two cards down and then one up depending on which game of stud poker you are playing. All the other cards are dealt face up until the final card which will either be the fourth card or the sixth card. The final card is then dealt face down to those still betting in the final rounds. Betting occurs at the end of each round, and then each player is dealt the next card according to the rotation.

After betting of the final round the players flip over their cards, in which is called the showdown, like the wild west, and then the players hands are compared and usually the player with the highest hand wins, if you are playing low card, then obviously the player with the lowest hand would win.

As a beginners game, stud poker is great to learn because it is very easy to pick up and the style of play is exciting for all players, the new and old alike.

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