Learn the Basics of All Holdem Poker Games

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Basic Principle of Holdem Games:

Texas Holdem poker is a game that uses community cards and involves blind bets instead of antes. The principal Holdem game is Texas Holdem. All other Holdem games are derived from it.

At Holdem games, like in most other poker games, the minimum and the maximum betting limits must be defined, but apart from it, when playing Holdem poker (except Home Holdem), the small blind bet and the big blind bet must be designated before the game starts. The initial pot in Holdem games does not consist of the players antes, but of these two blind bets placed by two players. The small blind bet is usually equal to the minimum betting limit, or a little less than it. The big blind bet is twice bigger than the small one. So, the initial pot in a Holdem game is about three times the minimum betting limit.

Blind bets are made before the players see their cards. The first player sitting to the left of the dealer makes the small blind bet, and the player sitting next to him in the clockwise direction makes the big blind bet. The first player to actually see his cards and to bet according to them is the player to left of the one who made the big blind bet. This player starts a normal betting sequence, calling, betting or folding. Betting then proceeds normally in the clockwise direction, taking into the account that two first players have already made their bets.

Blind bets are made only in the first betting round. All subsequent rounds are played us usual. Betting rounds in Holdem poker occur after the dealer flips over community cards. Normally there are five community cards in Holdem poker games. These cards are dealt face-down, and after the first betting round ends, three of them are flipped by the dealer. This is followed by the second betting round (The Flop). After the second betting round, the fourth community card is flipped face-up, the third betting round (The Turn) takes place and the fifth community card is flipped followed by the final betting round (The River) and the showdown.

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