Learn to play three card poker that is offered by most online casinos!

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Learn how easy it is to play three card poker which is played in both the casino and the online casino:

What is 3-Card Poker?

Three card poker is a very popular poker version in casinos and private poker rooms. Also three card poker can be a great change from regular draw games and stud pokers. Here in this article we will go over the rules and the how to of playing three card poker.

Three Card Poker Rules

In three card poker you will use the standard 52 card deck. But unlike most poker games, this poker variation the players compete solely against the dealer and not against the others playing. Also because the hands contain only three cards, hand ranking will be slightly different from that of traditional poker. In front of each player there are three betting circles. From the top down it looks like this:
  1. Pair Plus
  2. Middle Circle being the Ante
  3. Play
Three card poker begins with a player that places a wager in the Pair Plus and or the Ante circle. Additionally the bet must be equal to the table minimum, this should be clear at any table. After placing their bets in the chosen circles, each player then receives a total of three cards. The player to the left places a bet, if he bets on Ante, then the other players must either fold or play. If the player or players fold, then they lose their ante bets. Now if they choose to play the players place a bet on the Play circles in front of them. This bet must be the same amount as the ante bet.

At this point during the three card poker game, the dealer shows his cards. Firstly, in order to qualify, the dealer has to have a Queen or better to even play. If the dealer cannot qualify in the hand, then the remaining players will be paid back their bets and also will win equal money to their ante bets. In the case the dealer does qualify with a Queen or better, then the player who have remained in the game compare hands with the dealer. If the dealers hand is higher than the player, then the player loses both bets placed, the original ante bet and then the play bet. If the players hand is higher then he wins both of his bets. If it is a tie the player wins.

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