How to Improve your Chances at Video Poker if you are Playing Online or in a brick and mortar casino in Las Vegas or somewhere else.

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Video Poker

Video poker is a popular game online and in the casino. It is very easy to learn which explains its popularity with beginners. Read tips for playing video poker online and offline that will improve your odds of winning and give you a much better video poker experience.

What is Video Poker?

This refers to the online but machine version of poker, where you play poker on machines that are similar to slot machines. The rules of video poker are not different except that the game played is a kind of draw poker or stud poker where only some of the cards are exchanged.

Why Should You Play Video Poker

Because this is a machine game, it offers better odds than any of the regular versions of poker such as draw or stud poker. In addition, when playing video machine poker you are not playing against other players but a machine with a specific set of rules. It is liking playing blackjack against a computer. Your chances of winning are better!

Tips for Playing Video Poker:

  1. Take your time when playing video poker. Unlike at a poker table the machine will not get impatient of waiting for you.
  2. If you have a pair do not keep an extra card known as a kicker. Keeping a kicker will reduce your chances of getting three of a kind.
  3. make sure to take the time to check out any video poker machine before you play it. Some of the video poker machines have a hold button and some have a discard button. Not checking this before hand can cause you to discard cards you intended to keep, also every hand make sure the lights to hold are discard are lit for the cards you want to keep or discard.
  4. Always play the maximum amount of coins allowed. You will be very angry if you lose the jackpot because you were not playing the maximum. If your bankroll will not allow you to play at the maximum allowed coins then change to a lower denomination machine.
After you have memorized these video poker tips you will be better armed and confident to play. Practice these by downloading the game software offered by any one of the online casinos mentioned on this site or anywhere else. Then, practice playing the free version before venturing towards the real money mode.

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