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Welcome to bingo lovers! We direct you to those bingo halls which offer great bingo services and features such as well-designed bingo patterns, unique bingo prizes and a variety of rooms to choose from.
USA Bingo
Fast downloads,big payoffs,low game costs and great technical support are not what makes them great. you the player is what makes us so great.
Bingo Workz
Offers astonishing jackpots and spectacular selection - Click for fun AND profit!
Play slots, French roulette or even enter a bowling alley the scratch way by simply scratching you way to a fortune.

Reviews of Bingo Halls:

Read a comprehensive report of some of the most popular bingo halls available online:
  1. BingoWorkz
  2. GP BIngo
  3. Ruby Bingo
  4. Mapau Bingo
  5. TopLine Bingo

Why Should You Play Bingo Online?

Yes. We are all used to and all like playing bingo at a local bingo hall: its fun, we like the company and we have gotten used to the personal contact. So why then, you might suggest, should I play bingo online? Here, I just name a few reasons that will make you reconsider why you should play online or at the least not give up this option entirely:
  1. Online bingo halls allow you a chance of picking from different bingo halls. You can even enter, look around and then decide if you wish to play or not. Think of it as one large bingo entertainment complex which houses various bingo rooms. Which local bingo room has that?
  2. Playing online also gives you the option of choosing from a wide range of card patterns and styles unlike a local hall where you get the cards that are used by the bingo house.
  3. Bingo halls online hand out free cash just for entering and playing. Get that? You are paid just for entering! You go out and try and find a local hall which will pay you solid cash just to push open their door.

Why Pick Bingo Halls From Here?

We direct you to the top online bingo halls where you can enjoy 24 hours online bingo action from the comfort of your own home. You can read here detailed information on each of the recommended bingo halls including variety of games, bonuses and more. In addition, you can learn here how to play online bingo in online bingo halls.

Popular Online Bingo Halls:

  • Top Line Bingo:
    If you are new to online bingo, Top Line Bingo is the online bingo hall for you. Top Line Bingo is one of the easiest and most convenient bingo halls on the internet. Top Line Bingo is a no-download bingo hall that offers variety of bingo games you can play quickly just by clicking your mouse. The online bingo games prices can range from quarter to dollar and the prizes can be as high as 6,000 dollars and even more. Top Line Bingo offers stunning variety of bingo cards and bingo patterns. Top Line Bingo sign up bonus is 100 percent of your initial deposit.
  • Ruby Bingo:
    This is one of the most popular bingo halls online. New players can win up to 120 dollars free bonus on their first deposit. Ruby Bingo variety of games includes 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo, chat games, scratch cards, slots, video poker and keno. Ruby Bingo also offers progressive jackpot games where you can win more than 5,000 dollars in cash. In order to play Ruby Bingo games, you are required to download the free bingo software.
  • Mapau Bingo:
    This online bingo room has two settings where each offer a variety of online bingo games in a variety of denominations that can range from a penny to a dollar. Prizes in the total amount of 300,000 dollars can be won each and every day! Downloading Mapau Bingo software would reward you with free 5 dollars bonus. In addition, you can more than double your initial deposit and earn 50 percent reload bonus on each future deposit. Mapau Bingo offers wide selection of chat games, slots games, keno and American roulette.

Playing Bingo in Online Bingo Halls:

The popularity of online bingo is increasing lately. Millions of people from around the world are starting to appreciate the fun and excitement of playing bingo in the quietness and convenience of their homes. Playing bingo in online bingo halls enables you to choose from wide variety of online bingo games, bingo card prices and bingo patterns. You can play with players of different ages from around the world and even chat with them during the game.

How to Play:

Playing bingo in online bingo halls is the same as playing bingo in your local church. The caller announces the numbers drawn and you mark them until you manage to form a winning bingo pattern, shout out BINGO and win the prize. In most online bingo halls, you can play simultaneously two or more bingo games. You can event watch TV or talk on the phone while playing bingo online.


Bingo rules and payouts can differ from one online bingo hall to another. Different bingo halls offer different bonuses and promotions but in most online bingo halls, you get to win a certain amount of money after making your first deposit. The best online bingo halls are safe and accept variety of deposit methods rather than credit card.

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