Pick up at review on Gammon Empire and discover all you need to know about this fabulous backgammon site.

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Join the 10,000 other online players at Gammon Empire. With over 1,000.000 registered users Gammon Empire is the most popular Backgammon site today.

Gammon Empire Reviews

Gammon Empire offers secure payments, 24/7 support and constant online tournaments, it is no wonder Gammon Empire is everything a Backgammon player would like in a site. Gammon Empire is available in many languages so all players can feel at home at this site.

One of the most outstanding features of Gammon Empire is its Backgammon School. Many people want to learn this fascinating game but do not know where and how to do it. Gammon Empire makes it very easy for them. Offering great free lessons which contain relevant information which is useful when playing the game. No more history of the game and theoretical concepts. You want to learn the game? You Will! Gammon Empire provides you with the basics of the game and allows you to put them into practice online at no charge for 5 times and then for only 50 cents you can practice before playing for real.

Payments at Gammon Empire are easy and secure. Payment methods of great reputation and experience like Paypal guarantee you will always get your winnings on time. International and local credit cards are also accepted. As for the customer service, Gammon Empire support team will assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and help you solve any problems you encounter promptly.

You can download Gammon Empire very easily but, your browser must support Java if you want to use GammonEmpire-lite. You can choose your language to play more comfortably and avoid misunderstandings during the game. There are also downloads available for Mac and Linux users. Once the download is finished you just need to open an account and enter your email. Just for signing up at Gammon Empire you will get 2 dollars free. If you prefer to play online you just need to click on the icon "Quick Play No Download". We strongly recommend you to read carefully the rules and behavior manual of Gammon Empire before you begin to play especially if you are new to online backgammon.

At Gammon Empire you can take part in great tournaments of all types: sit and go, event tournaments and swing tournaments, as well as online monthly events. The prizes are very attractive and above all the environment is great and you can enjoy backgammon to its most. So, if you are a real fan of the game, Gammon Empire is the place to be not only for winning big money playing your favorite game but also to enjoy it like you never did before!

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