Backgammon room reviews available here after detailed examinations. Read reviews of the most popular online backgammon rooms!

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Online Backgammon Rooms Reviewed:

Backgammon is one of the more popular games played in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but it is rapidly spreading like fire through America, Europe and the East. For all those that are new to the game, enter and read the backgammon guide to gain basic knowledge. If you just want to play, read one of the detailed backgammon hall reviews, pick the hall you prefer and start playing.

Which Backgammon Rooms are Reviewed here?

We add reviews as we complete them. Since, we also review online casinos, bingo rooms, poker rooms and sportsbooks, these sometimes take a few days depending on the urgency and timing of the particular game hall. Until today, we have examined the following online backgammon rooms:
  1. Gammon Empire

How Do You Examine a Backgammon Room?

Each backgammon room offers a different set of programs, games and layouts that are one more suitable than the other. We enter each and every backgammon room, download the program (if necessary), and then play for free and for money. Here are the major features we examine:
  1. The Backgammon Board:
    Because to play this game you need a board, a set number of chips and two dice, the first thing we check is the board that the backgammon room offers. Many offer multiple choices and designs, other than the regular and classic board. We not only check that these boards are not too tiring on the eyes (this could mean a drop in concentration), but that the slots stand out enough so that you don't miscalculate your moves.
  2. The Throw of the Dice:
    As for the dice and the numbers thrown, we verify that the backgammon room uses a valid and well-secure random number generator that certifies that the numbers that are shown after every throw of the dice are random and that the result of the game is not biased.
  3. The Software Developer:
    Most backgammon rooms do not develop the software themselves, but have other more-experienced in developing companies perform this task. We verify that the company has a good business standing and reputation and check out what the general view of that software is among other developers. We also run a few automatic tests on the software created.
  4. Speed:
    While most quality control examiners check for the speed of the game, we don't think that this suffices. Other than the speed of the game, we check out the speed of download and what we consider to be the most important feature: how much bandwidth does the software consume when you play it on your computer.

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