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Take part in the most exciting online poker action. Enter Golden Palace Poker and join a growing community of online poker players looking to win big money and take part in the most prestigious tournaments in the world.

Golden Palace Poker Games

Golden Palace Poker is a secure and reliable site. According to recent surveys, casino and poker players rated Golden Palace Poker among the best 3 sites to play today. Its sophisticated software also attracts thousands of demanding players who are looking for good quality graphics and sound effects along with the highest security and confidentiality.

Fair play and excellent customer service are two of the premises of Golden Palace Poker. Clients have to have fun and enjoy equal winning opportunities and in case of need they have to be assisted correctly and promptly. This care for customer service is partly due to the sense of community Golden Palace Poker has always wanted to create among its players and it seems that it works because the number of players at Golden Palace Poker keeps growing at an amazing pace.

A good thing about Golden Palace Poker is the fact that they use non-stop servers. How many times have you got stuck in the middle of a game at a poker room because the server collapsed? Actually some poker rooms have lost their prestige due to this. Golden Palace Poker avoids network congestion by using a sophisticated system that allows one server to take over for another if the first collapses.

Something that also makes Golden Palace Poker unique is that the graphics featured at the site have been designed by poker players. It has happened to all poker players to enter a site and immediately realize that the person who designed it never played poker online just by having a look at the way the game looks and the options offered. That is why Golden Palace Poker room wanted real poker players to design exactly what they are looking for in a poker room and how they want it to look and work.

As you enter Golden Palace Poker you realize that the site has been carefully designed. The amount of interesting content is such that it takes more than one day to surf all the sections in detail. All the information a player might need is posted and organized in a clear way: game rules, house rules, tournaments, hand rankings, RNG, shuffling, glossary, rake information, etc. Playing at Golden Palace Poker is a pure pleasure. You feel at ease and relaxed knowing that you are playing at a professional site that loves poker as much as you do, so you do not need to worry about anything but trying to win all your hands.

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