An internet casino list is offered here. These internet casinos are additional ones that haven't been shown in the other pages.

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Internet Casino Archive:

Welcome to the archive that contains those online casinos that are not part of the general portal. Each of the casinos below have been removed for one reason or another, but we still mention them for those interested. In plain language, you could call it that these casinos have been removed from our service because we were dies-satisfied with the services they were offering online casino players.

How to Recognize Rogue Casinos?

Finding a rogue casino is not as simple as it might seem. Here, we have written collected and written down a list of some of the methods you can use for judging how reliable a casino actually is.
  1. Casino players tend to judge a casino by its graphic display. But this is misleading. Just because an online casino is designed badly doesn't mean it is out to cheat you. In fact, the opposite is generally true. So, if you run into a powerfully designed online casino, watch out. Remember: most online casinos spend a lot of money designing their software, and not on building their own site.
  2. Check out their customer service by emailing them. Write an email informing them about some difficulty you are having. Don't sign up before that! Either tell them that you are having problems while picking a game or that because of your internet connection, you have not managed to download the software properly. It does not really matter what you say in the mail just ensure that the problem is a real one. Once you have done that, wait for a reply. If you don't get a reply in a few hours, scratch out that casino.
  3. When you enter the casino, try and locate the certification verifying that a respectable accounting firm is overseeing the money transfers and all the financial transactions. This is important to check. Then, contact that firm and ask them if they are really doing what the casino states. Its important to do this because rogue casinos tend to lie on the amount of accountability that the accounting firm takes on. The rogue casino might say that the entire working of the casino is supervised while the firm only does their tax accounting.
  4. Check the software! Each and every casino needs some kind of software through which you either play after downloading the game or play it online using a flash or a Java application. If the software is built by a reliable company such as PlayTech and Microgaming, you can rely on the fact that the games you are playing won't be biased against you. Some casinos create their own software and then you play on that. In general, watch out for such casinos. Most of the rogue casinos use their own software which they have tilted to work in their favour. So, if the online casino you wish to play at is using their own software, check them out even more thoroughly than you would the other internet casinos.

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