Prima Poker, with 38 major internet card rooms connected to it, is the largest poker network in the world.

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Learn about the Prima Poker Network:

Choose to play at one of the Prima Poker network sites and enjoy the advantages of the largest poker network. Each any every one of them is considered reliable, trustworthy and secure!

What is Prima Poker?

Prima Poker, with 38 major internet card rooms connected to it, is the largest poker network in the world. Therefore, it gives you wide variety of games and limits and allows you to find opponents of your level any time of the day.

Prima Poker is not a card room, but a poker network. 38 different poker rooms are connected to Prima Poker network. All players from all these poker rooms can challenge each other at Prima Poker multiplayer tables, so no matter what of these poker rooms you choose to play at, you will always have opponents not only from this poker room, but also from 37 others. Having so many players, Prima Poker can adjust its tables for everyones needs.

What Kind of Games Can I Play?

There is a huge variety of games and limits at Prima Poker. Players can choose to play at Pot Limit, No Limit or Fixed Limit tables with stakes starting from $0.50 up to $100.

There are plenty of tables at Prima Poker and almost always there is a free one to join, but if you want to join a specific table and it%u2019s occupied, you can sign up for the waiting list and automatically join it in your turn.

Prima Poker has all your favorite games, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Five Card Stud. All these games can be played at 5, 8 or 10 players tables or 1 on 1 against someone you choose.

What Software Does the Prima Poker Network Use?

Prima Poker uses Microgaming software platform and games. Apart from many other advantages of Microgaming software, which we believe are known to the readers of this page, Microgaming has recently developed unique Collusion Detection Software, which tracks fraud activities in the real time. Using this software, Prima Poker can now prevent collusion before the cheaters even have time to win any money. If such players are detected, they are temporarily barred from Prima Poker, and can be barred permanently if after reviewing the game history, Prima Poker staff decides that collusion did take place. In such case, these players will never be able to play at any of Prima Poker affiliate sites that form major part of online poker industry.

Do They Have Tournaments?

Prima Poker is famous for its tournaments that run around the clock on the network. There are free roll tournaments, sit & go tournaments daily tournaments with fixed prize pools of up to $100,000, satellite and super-satellite tournaments for all main poker events, such as WSOP, WPT and others. And, on the top of all this there is Monte Carlo Millions, one of the most prestigious land based tournaments held in the Casino of Monte Carlo. The last year, Monte Carlo Millions had $3,000,000 prize pool.

What About Free Cash?

Prima Poker constantly gives bonuses and runs promotions for its loyal players. For example, Prima Poker has a progressive Bad Beat jackpot, which is accumulated until at one of the tables a player gets a four of a kind and another player beats it with a better hand. In this case the beaten player receives 50 percent of the progressive jackpot, the winner gets 25 percent and other 25 percent is distributed between other players at the table.

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