Royal Circus Casino intricately examined! Read why this new casino is making waves all through the online casino world.

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Hello, the Royal Circus Casino is no longer in service, but if you are looking for a casino that runs off the same online casino software then you want to check out Club USA casino. 

Thank you

Why Pick Royal Circus Casino?

Below, you will find the four most important reasons why you might wish to play at this online casino. Read them carefully. Note that you need to pick an online casino that suits you, so depending on your specific needs, either pick Royal Circus or go back to the list and select another from the list of online casinos in the menu.

1) New!

Tired of all the regular online casinos where you have been in so many times you will notice if they change even a single letter? Or if they change the color of a single card? Have you had it with all the same game rooms, playing the same games, defeating the same players?

If your answer to all the above questions is an astounding YES, then it is time to check out Royal Circus Casino.

2) Monthly Trips as Bonus!

Most online casino bonuses center around a certain sum of money which you are eligible to receive after you allot said amount to your casino account. The Royal Circus Casino offers this too: a walloping figure of Seven Hundred and Seventy-Seven Dollars. But they do not stop here.

Out of all those who enter and play at this online casino, one lucky player is chosen for their grand prize: an all-paid trip for 2 to the gambling haven of Las Vegas for seven days! The cost of this grand award is five thousand dollars.

3) Colourful!

While most web casinos sport a range of colours focusing on one colour like the Swiss Casino where is predominantly blue, and Casino Tropez that is predominantly green the Royal Circus Casino releases itself from this brand consideration. Each game display is based on a different setup and one colour is emphasized. This has resulted in a sometimes soothing and sometimes lively display that matches the game.

For instance, the twenty or so line slot machines are each designed according to a different theme whether it is sci-fi or the Wild West or a more modern setting.

4) More Secure!

Operated by Doleplex, a Cyprus based company, Royal Circus uses a much more advanced 128-bit SSL encryption code that along with a number of complex firewalls and blocking systems, prevents anyone other than you gaining access to your account. They also employ a highly qualified QA team that checks the random number uniqueness and other gaming parameters.

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