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Online Betting with Victor Chandler:

The Victor Chandler website for online gambling, betting and gaming is extremely versatile and informing.  There are many options for betting on various sports.  I didn't notice as much variety as other sports betting sites, but there were certainly pluses to this site.

Victor Chandler is a respected gaming site, from the UK.  With many years of gaming experience, there is plenty of help here at this gambling site if you need it.  The list of rules on gambling and the rules of the odds was extremely helpful. 

Personally I like the special offers and gambling news on this site.  They offer free bets and free money for new gamblers.  What I found interesting was the online scores for sports.  You can check your scores against your wagers right there to find out your winnings.


 Live Online Betting and Other Poker games and casinos

There are certainly other options featured at this site.  Victor Chandler offers a list of other casino games including poker and roulette right there inside the sports betting website.  Located inside the website are various casino games, like HiLo, roulette, poker, keno and even virtual horse racing. 

Although these are very nice and all, my favorite highlight of this gambling site is the offer of live horse racing.  For a minimum of a 5 pound or 5 euro bet you can wager on live horse racing in the UK.  Of course when you place bets on all sports and wagers on all possibilities it is live, otherwise you could know the scores, place a bet already knowing the outcome of the game and win millions.  But no, this is live horse racing on the internet.  You can place your bet, and then watch as your horse runs the track.  Very exciting.

For all it's worth, I think this is a superb site for online gambling and sports betting.  The site is easy to read, easy to place bets, easy to know which sports are available to bet on, and easy to move around the page.  I would recommend this site to friends for its availability and its credibility.

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